About me

Lubomír Peška

I’m a graphic artist who films video too
Lubomír Peška

I’ve been creating for 15 years—filming, editing, photographing, drawing, coding, and designing.

And I like stories with something to say.


I studied communications technologies, but already at school I knew I didn’t want to be a switchbox repairman. Computers won out. The internet was on the rise, and it was my chance to shine.


My self-study earned me a place at Keloc Net, where I stayed for 5 years as a coder and web designer. That experience then came in handy in Australia—I headed there in 2006 to hone my English, and my friend and I founded a web company, Minds & Pictures, in Sydney.

What I’ve always liked about building websites is the fusion of technical and creative work.

After returning home in 2007, I worked 10 years at a renowned Czech company, Zoner Software, where I handled graphical and online presentation of their flagship product and administration of their website.

During my career, I created 95 websites and countless banners, mailings, landing pages, and other kinds of online promotions.

Starting a company

In winter of 2014, a friend approached me with the idea of starting up a company for importing Korean ginseng. This led to the founding of KGEC Europe and two years of brand-building teamwork for its Lavivant brand.

From the company’s strategy, to its visual identity—logos, business cards, flyers, and boxes—to its responsive website, e-shop, and advertising campaign, to videos and a trip to Korea. What a ride! I lost my free time and gained experience.

A hobby becomes a job

But my final goal was always video and animation. Even on my first computer, I was already animating in Autodesk Animator and 3D Studio and naively dreaming of the future.

In 2009 at my job I dived into After Effects and began seriously studying motion graphics, editing, sound, lighting, composition, and writing. Everything in video, front to back and round in circles. And I’ve been continuing those studies to this day.

What I like about this work is contact with people, creating a story, getting ready, and getting out my video camera... and when I can feel during my edits that everything’s coming together nicely and that my video will end up bringing a smile to the face of the person it’s made for.

I like to...

I spent years with Thai boxing and paragliding, but today my passions are inline skating, reading, studying all the things that interest me, and traveling (with a penchant for Asia). I’m most proud of my daughter, my experience abroad, and the dreams I’ve fulfilled.

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